Bob Brazeau

Bob Brazeau
Bob Brazeau

Ashland Contemporary Theatre’s production of “Breaking the Code” featured Bob Brazeau’s stunning portrayal of the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing. Brazeau’s performance revealed qualities of intelligence and wonder that are his very own. Brazeau began acting in 2002 in Ashland. As we met over lunch at Allyson’s Kitchen, he credited his Ashland mentors for his success.

EH: How old were you when you decided to pursue acting?

BB: I guess I was 47. I was in a couple of plays as a child in school, and I loved it. Back in ’01, I began taking lessons from Don Matthews. He taught me a lot. After about a year, I auditioned for Ruth Wire’s “A Modern Woman.” I had a blast. And now in one play after another, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people. Once I took that first role, it got me started, and I kept working at it, and just having a wonderful time.

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The Rainses: a team effort at Camelot

Barbara and Roy Rains
Barbara and Roy Rains

Costume Designer Barbara Rains and Production Manager Roy Rains are two remarkable talents at Camelot Theatre. The couple met while performing in the “Trail of Tears” drama at the Tsa-La-Gi Amphitheater near Tahlequah, Okla. They’ve been in Oregon almost two years. We chatted on the set of Camelot’s “White Christmas” in Talent.

EH: Barbara, what productions are you designing?

BR: This coming season, I will be designing all of the musicals. The next one will be “Funny Girl.”

EH: Roy, fill me in on your production manager duties.

RR: My job is to make sure that artists have what they need to realize their visions. We’re in a transition period for this position.

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